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Escape rooms are perfect attractions for customers to create unforgettable memories with friends. A group of people work together to solve a series of puzzles in order to “escape” from a room (or set of rooms) within a specific time frame. The faster the group finishes, the better! The biggest setback for escape rooms is the lack of incentive for repeat play. Typically after a guest plays an escape room, they know all of the puzzles and the novelty is gone. This means they won’t play the same experience again. But we’ve solved this problem with Infinite Escapes.

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With Infinite Escapes, we focus on the one thing that everyone else ignores: repeat play. We took our 20 years of attraction development experience to design modular puzzles for our escape rooms. These are puzzles that can be easily switched out over time within a themed room. This modular system keeps the experience fresh and keeps guests coming back. As a family entertainment center (FEC) owner, this is crucial for you since your business relies on guests playing attractions more than once.

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Why should you choose us? Anyone can buy furniture pieces and throw padlocks on drawers and compartments. If you want to go this simplistic do-it-yourself route, we’re probably not the choice for you. But if you want to raise the bar for escape rooms and give your guests more than just padlocks, let’s talk! Every Infinite Escapes attraction is fully themed with custom props and decor that are fabricated in-house and can’t be replicated by your competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for an escape room? Our escape rooms are flexible enough to fit just about any size or shape space. You need 300-500 square feet for a single room experience, but with larger spaces we can install multiple rooms or even entire facilities.
  • What themes are available? Even though this is a new attraction, we already have multiple themes available, and more coming soon. Plus we can do custom theming for a truly unique experience.
  • How much does an escape room cost? This is impossible to answer without knowing more. Every project is unique, so the cost will depend on the size of the space, height of the ceiling, amount of theme work, number of puzzles, and a number of other factors. Request a quote so we can learn more about your project and we can put together a proposal that fits your needs and budget.

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