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Laser tag is a highly engaging experience that combines immersive environments and group play. It’s an exhilarating game that allows players to escape reality and enter the fantasy world inside the laser tag arena. The arena is complete with larger-than-life props, detailed murals, effects lighting, vibrant colors, and music.

It’s a perfect attraction for the family entertainment industry, with the primary demographic between 6 and 14 years of age. As with most attractions, birthday parties make up the bulk of the revenue. Adults can also become a strong source of income from corporate events, adult parties, and group play. This is why it’s become one of the highest-grossing attractions on the market. And after 30 years of growth, laser tag doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

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Our Arenas

For almost 2 decades, we have established our company as the largest designer and builder of laser tag arenas. We have installed more than 250 laser tag attractions in the last few years alone. That’s great, but what does it mean for you?

It means peace of mind. You want to choose a company that has seen it all and knows the right solutions. During the process of opening up your laser tag attraction, you’re going to encounter a number of obstacles including construction delays, questions from inspectors, demands from fire marshals, and a whole lot more. More than likely, you don’t have the experience to manage this entire process. But we do, and we’re here to assist you from concept to completion.

In fact, we host an event called LaserTAG360, which is entirely dedicated to laser tag education. During this 2-day educational seminar, we teach you everything you need to know from site design and funding qualifications to laser tag operations and online marketing. We host LaserTAG360 3 times every year, so you’re never more than a few months away from the next event.

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Your Journey

It’s a journey to add a laser tag arena to your facility. So often companies will talk about having the best themes, or the best quality, or the best props. These factors are obviously important, but they are not enough. Who’s going to work with your architects, contractors, electricians, inspectors and fire marshals? Who will educate these people and manage the process? Adding a laser tag attraction is a complicated process and we are here to make your journey a whole lot easier.

Your Journey

Passion is what drives us and the commitment to excellence is what we pledge to you.

All of our departments work in tandem to build our laser tag arenas, and we always keep 3 things in mind: design, theme, and experience.

  • Design – The arena is customized to meet the needs for your market. Sight lines, strategic balance, player interaction, and safety are just a few of the considerations that go into ensuring your arena design encourages repeat play.
  • Theme – We combine your vision with inspiration from the latest movies and video games to create the best theme possible. Your customers will feel a sense of familiar and foreign elements inside an engaging and immersive environment.
  • Experience – To get customers in the door, you have to compete in-home entertainment. Our goal is to WOW your guests every time they step inside your laser tag arena.

Why Us

Whether you’re opening a new laser tag facility or adding this attraction to an existing business, you want to WOW your customers. You’re not in the entertainment business to simply be “good enough”, and neither are we. We strive to build the best laser tag attractions in the world, and we want to work with you. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our amazing clients below, and request a quote to see what we can build for you.

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Samples Of Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for laser tag? This depends on how many players you want to fit in the arena. All in, you need 150-182 square feet per player. This is divided up between the arena, the vesting room, the briefing room, and the control room.
  • What laser tag equipment should I use? It makes no difference to us, as our arenas are flexible enough to work with any equipment. We regularly work with 4 of the best equipment vendors on the market: Delta Strike, Laser Blast, Laserforce, and Zone Laser Tag. Get in touch with them to see which equipment best suits your needs.
  • What theme should I choose for my arena? This depends on a lot of variables like your geographic location, the demographic you want to reach, the existing competition, etc. Request a quote and we can learn more about your situation during the discovery call. Then we can make some educated recommendations.
  • How much does a laser tag attraction cost? This is impossible to answer without knowing more. Every arena we build is custom for that particular project, and everyone’s needs are different. Request a quote so we can learn more about your project and we can put together a proposal that fits your needs and budget.