We Have An EPIC Culture At Our Company

Culture AT Creative works

Where Fun Meets Passion

We are a team of passionate, committed and fun people. That’s mainly because, to be honest, we produce some pretty COOL stuff! The mad scientists on our team are always working on a new prop, theme, or experience that will provide our clients with lasting memories.

We are also a team of committed learners who are always working to learn something new or fine-tune our skills. Our culture enables constant personal and professional growth, and “continuous improvement” is something we’re always striving for.

A Culture of Growth (…and Fun!)

We pride ourselves on creating an amazing culture where our employees can grow professionally and personally. Every company says this, but we can actually prove it! The three most common words team members use to describe our work environment are Fun, Creative, and Challenging. And, when surveyed, 95% of team members strongly agree with the phrase, “I find my job interesting and challenging.”

We made the Inc. 5000 list in 2019 and 2020, which means we were one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. In fact, in 2020 we were number 25 on the list of fastest-growing companies in the state of Indiana. We have a lot of ambitious plans to continue growing, and we need talented people to help us get there.

Creative Works Vivid Vision

At Creative Works, we’re always focused on improvement and looking towards the future. This mentality has allowed us to stay on top of our industry and succeed in many new business ventures. We’ve put together a specific plan for the next few years of our company. We call this our Vivid Vision and it outlines where we see out company in the next few years, and how we plan to get there. To see the full Vivid Vision document, click here.

“We are relentless about infusing fun into the work environment at Creative Works. That means I spend a lot of time with each individual — to hear their stories and learn what lights their motivational fires — so we can truly build an EPIC team and succeed together.”

Kimberly Schilling, Facilitator of Fun

“As lead of the Design team, knowing that I play a small part in creating amazing attractions all over the world is just one of the many reasons why I love what I get to do!”

Katie Ross, Director of Creative Design

“This company is a family and I want our team to like their jobs, who they work with, and find fulfillment in everything they do.”

Rachel Richard, Director of People and Culture