Meet The Team



We have a fantastic group of fearless leaders that design the road map, set the expectations, and manage the company as a whole. Combined, these owners represent more than 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Get to know them a bit more by reading their bios below.

Jeff Schilling
Jeff’s experience spans over 20 years in the amusement industry specializing in the design, construction and build-out of attractions and environments for various entertainment businesses. As an investor and consultant in various complimentary businesses as well as an author and speaker for industry events, Jeff is always looking for ways to help further the development of the amusement industry and elevate the guest experience. As the Chief Architect of Experiences, he guides the team in creating unique and engaging experiences for our clients.
Favorite Quote: “Conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth.” John F. Kennedy
Favorite Entertainment Destination: Cruising to global destinations to experience various cultures – Greece, Australia and Europe remain at my top
Favorite Company Project: Too many to list…love taking ideas of our clients and building their dreams
Armando Lanuti
Armando has more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including operations, consulting, marketing, product development, and sales management. He has a unique perspective, having worked as both an operator and a vendor. This perspective allows him to help facility owners grow their businesses and differentiate themselves from competitors. Armando is a huge technology geek, an avid consumer of audio books, and he’s always looking for ways to inspire our team.

Favorite Quote: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react to it.”
Favorite Entertainment Destination: On the golf course with friends.
Favorite Company Project: Creating a custom “Bat-Cave” movie theater for Fort Wainwright AFB.
Kimberly Schilling
Facilitator of Fun
Kim has possibly the most unique background of anyone in our company. She started out as an elementary school teacher and after 6 years decided it wasn’t her “calling”. She then spent a decade on a small team organizing conferences for medical and health associations. Now, as the Facilitator of Fun, she’s involved in just about every facet of our company: sales, operations, trade show planning, relationship building, and most importantly fun!

Favorite Quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
Favorite Entertainment Destination: I love to ride roller coasters!
Favorite Company Project: Installing custom bird nest beds for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show in Fairdale, KY

Leadership Team


Russ Van Natta
VP of Sales
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Danny Gruening
VP of Marketing
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Melissa Cameron
Senior Project Manager
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Mark McLaughlin
Director of Support
Katie Ross
Creative Design Director
Sean Williams
Production Manager

Sales Team


Athena Symonds
Experience Consultant
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Kelly Lonzo
Experience Consultant
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Nick Salfity
Experience Consultant
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Billy Quan
Experience Consultant
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Ryan Woodruff
Experience Consultant
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Production Departments

We bring your ideas to life with a talented team of designers, sculptors, craftsmen, painters, and artisans. Our 30+ team members belong to multiple departments that make sure every piece we build supports our mission of delivering the WOW Effect to you.

  • Design – This is where every project starts, and where ideas are put onto paper. It’s also where you can expect to see toys and figurines peeking out from every nook and cranny…they say it’s for creative inspiration, but maybe they just like to play with action figures! When they’re not busy playing with toys, our designers create concept sketches and renderings to make sure we capture your vision. These designs are the north star that every other department uses to bring your ideas to life. Our designers also create all the architectural layouts and plans that you’ll need for planning and build-out.
  • Wood – These guys love the smell of saw-dust in the morning! The carpenters are comfortable with any tool, whether it’s an advanced CNC router a good old-fashioned hammer. This team creates the bones and infrastructure of many of the props and pieces that we build for our clients.
  • Foam – Did you know that we build props using foam? Many people don’t. In fact, most people wonder how it’s possible to create anything with structural integrity using foam. Our sculptors cut and stack layers of foam and carve the rest of the design by hand. Then we apply the magic hard-coat that turns the soft foam into an unbreakable structure. The foam department looks like a winter wonderland because every surface is covered with little specks of foam that look like snow!
  • Paint – Our painters are magicians with airbrushes. Their work tends to be most noticeable to clients because they apply the “eye candy” to every piece and prop. And it’s all the more impressive when you learn they paint in black light using only 7 colors. Your typical home improvement store has thousands of colors, but black light paint has a very simple palette. From only 7 colors, our artists create unbelievable murals and landscapes.
  • Quality Control – Quality control checks every prop, structure, and fabricated piece before they leave Theme Factory. This team wraps and packs everything to make sure your deliverables arrive to your facility in perfect condition.
  • Support – Our support techs are troubleshooting and technical masters. They provide all the electronic guts for our props, repair components, and help clients with technical issues. Simply put, they make things work and they keep things ticking.