Sports Complexes

Attractions That Help Athletic Centers & Arenas Diversify

Keep guests on property — and off their smartphones — with VR arenas, laser tag, Esports, escape rooms, and other immersive attractions.

Building Greater Guest Experiences

Make your sports complex a place where everyone can go to play hard — whether they’re on the field or off. Families with young kids, millennials, and more will rush to your doors when you diversify with the latest trends in location-based entertainment. Take advantage of all those non-players who are already at your facility or broaden your marketability with another kind of active entertainment. And build a greater guest experience that will diversify and accelerate revenue.

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What Can We Do?

Just about anything. We are your full-service partner, not just a fabricator. Because adding an attraction is a business decision. Consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, and education — we do it all. And we work directly with your architects and contractors to make it happen, whether it’s a stand-alone attraction or a full entertainment ecosystem.


TBK Bank Sports Complex

Goal: Diversify activities for families and mixed-age groups

Solution: Custom Laser Tag, Escape Rooms & Hologate VR Arena

“Creative Works uses the latest technologies, their integrity is off the charts, and they’re always thinking about my return on investment.”

Scott Emley, Owner