New Features of Lazer Frenzy Version 8.0

We recently released the newest version of our laser maze attraction, Lazer Frenzy version 8.0. Lazer Frenzy is a hybrid attraction that blends the immersive environment of laser tag with the functionality of an arcade game. There are multiple game modes that challenge players to maneuver around the lasers to complete a mission.

This new release features upgrades that can increase the attraction’s revenue through redemption integration, detailed reports, and more balanced gameplay. The design of this laser maze was also upgraded to make the game more efficient and aesthetically appealing.

One of the focuses of Lazer Frenzy version 8.0 is an emphasis on improved redemption integration. From the very beginning, we understood the importance of redemption in an arcade setting, and we included this functionality right off the bat.

But now, it’s even better with a built-in jackpot feature. The jackpot automatically builds each game until a player gets a high enough score to earn the huge payout.

A monitor on the exterior of the attraction visualizes the jackpot to build excitement. The concept of a jackpot payout has several advantages that ultimately increase revenue for the game. This format encourages repeat play because players want to increase their scores to win the jackpot. It also breeds general competition between players and friends to have the higher score.

The jackpot format also increases the curb appeal of the game and generates a FOMO (fear of missing out) among players. They don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to hit the jackpot and win big prizes.

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Lazer Frenzy

Version 8.0 also generates better reporting to help operators maximize revenue. The reporting system carefully tracks game revenue for games played. This empowers operators with better data to understand how their attraction works and which games and times are the most popular. This allows them to better promote and operate their attraction.

More balanced gameplay on the newest Lazer Frenzy means that the scoring is fair for all players, regardless of age. The scoring calibration is changed to better balance speed versus accuracy. All players now have roughly an equal chance of achieving the high score and winning the jackpot.

Additionally, the design of the Lazer Frenzy was changed to make it more sleek and modern. On the exterior, a bright new orange archway makes the unit more attractive to compete for attention in today’s bright and busy arcades.

Inside the attraction, touch sensors have replaced physical buttons. This change minimizes breakage and maintenance issues. The fazer is the new hybrid fog machine that provides better visuals during the game experience, making the lasers brighter and more vibrant. This fazer provides a great balance and doesn’t waste fluid or create an environment that too “foggy.”

Operators also have the option to have a monitor installed on the inside of the attraction. The monitor allows players inside the game to track their progress and see their score in real time.

The new features of Lazer Frenzy Version 8.0 are designed to make the game more efficient and attractive with players of all ages. The detailed reporting and sleek design mean that the Lazer Frenzy is a revenue booster that fits nicely as a hybrid arcade-style attraction for any family entertainment center.

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