Atomic Rush Mini Attraction

The LED-Powered, Interactive Arcade Game That Will Boost Your Bottom Line

Atomic Rush is an exciting new arcade-style attraction that uses the latest in touch and LED technology to create a high intensity experience. It uses less than 200 square feet of space and up to 4 players can participate at one time, increasing the revenue per square foot and giving you a faster return on investment.

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High Impact Interactive Arcade Game

Atomic Rush is like a life-sized version of the classic light-up Simon Says game — but with a far more interactive play! Players rush to quickly tap LED panels as their assigned color appears. The faster they are, the more points they rack up. It’s a totally new breed of attraction that changes how guests interact and play together. It’s the next evolution of unique gaming experiences for modern arcades.

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Full-Featured Mini Attraction

Atomic Rush is a full-featured attraction with everything you need to be successful including auto attendant, entry facades, redemption, and advanced reporting. These features are standard with every installation. Plus, we have a full-time support team and a detailed knowledge base to help you leverage these features and get the most out of this attraction.

Check out this instructional video for Atomic Rush to see this attraction’s state-of-the-art touch technology in action.

  • No Labor Costs

    Atomic Rush comes with auto-attendant operation, accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems, and is redemption ready, saving you thousands in labor costs.

  • Interactive for Non-Players

    Live video feed broadcast on the big screen (HDTV) lets everyone watch and makes guests who aren’t playing part of the action.

  • Multiplayer

    Atomic Rush is designed for 4 people to play at once, so you get higher throughput, more revenue and faster ROI.

  • No Breakable Buttons

    Our LED touch sensors are made with thick acrylic that doesn’t scratch, crack, or break. This means you can eliminate down-time caused by broken buttons.

  • Repeat Play

    Each player has 14 touch panels and the game system has a random pattern generator. This means there are limitless combinations and no two games are ever the same.

  • Flexibility for Any Space

    This attraction uses less than 160 square feet of space and can fit in just about any facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need to install Atomic Rush?

    You need less than 160 square feet for a single 4-player experience. Have a little more space? Install two or add a Lazer Frenzy!

  • Do I need an employee to run Atomic Rush?

    Nope! It comes standard with auto-attendant and accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or other swipe care systems so you never have to worry about taking a team member away from other duties.

  • How many people can play at once?

    Up to 4 people can play at once — and even non-players can get in on the action by watching everything on the big screen. The more people playing together, the more fun and competitive it is!

  • How much should I charge per play?

    The average cost per play is around $2-$5 but this can vary based on your location, demographics, form of payment, redemption options, etc.

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