Atomic RUSH

Atomic RUSH
Atomic RUSH is an exciting new arcade-style attraction that uses the latest in touch and LED technology to create a high intensity experience. Similar to Lazer Frenzy, Atomic RUSH is a mini attraction that uses less than 200 square feet of space. Up to 4 players can participate at one time, increasing the revenue per square foot and giving you a faster return on investment.

The game format is completely unique from anything else on the market. Players have stations with LED panels that work like the touch screens on modern electronic devices. To earn points, players rush to quickly tap the panels as their color appears. The faster they are, the more points they rack up. It’s like a futuristic, LED version of Simon Says, but with a far more interactive game environment. Atomic RUSH represents a new breed of attraction that changes how we interact and play together. It’s the next evolution that will transform the gaming experience in modern arcades. Take a look at the video below to see it in action!

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  • No Labor Costs – Atomic RUSH has auto-attendant operation with the ability to accept tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems. This standard feature saves you thousands of dollars in labor costs.
  • Multiplayer – Atomic RUSH is designed for up to 4 people to play at once. In fact, the more people who play, the more fun it is! This means a higher throughput, more revenue, and faster ROI.
  • Repeat Play – Each player has 14 touch panels and the game system has a random pattern generator. This means there are limitless combinations and no 2 games are ever the same. And Just like Lazer Frenzy, the game is redemption-ready.
  • No Breakable Buttons – Most other arcade games (and laser mazes) use plastic buttons; the same kind of buttons that were used on games in the 90’s. Why is this bad? Because they look cheap, and more importantly, they break. Our LED touch sensors are made with thick acrylic that doesn’t scratch, crack, or break. This means you can eliminate down-time caused by broken buttons.
  • Interactive For Non-Players – During the game, the live video feed is broadcast on a HDTV for everyone to watch. Guests who aren’t playing get to be part of the action, which encourages more people to play once the game is done.
  • Flexibility For Any Space – This attraction uses less than 200 square feet of space and can fit in just about any facility. Depending on your specific needs, you can build the room for the attraction or use one of our prefabricated room enclosures.

This is just a small sample of the benefits you’ll get with Atomic RUSH. We’d love to chat with you more to learn about your goals and answer any questions you have. In fact, you can request a quote right now and we can begin the discovery conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need to install Atomic RUSH? This attraction uses only 130-150 square feet of space for a multi-player experience.
  • Do I need an employee to run Atomic RUSH? Nope! From the beginning, we designed this attraction to come standard with auto-attendant. This means it accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems. You never have to worry about paying for an employee to run it.
  • How many people can play at once? Up to 4 people can play at once. In fact, the more people playing together, the more fun and competitive the game is. This encourages a higher throughput and means more revenue for you.
  • How much should I charge? This can vary based on your location, demographics, form of payment, and whether or not you have redemption. Facilities geared toward tourists will charge more than facilities focused on local birthday parties. But the average cost per play is usually $2-$5.

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