Color CRUSH is a colorful and compact arcade attraction that uses only 10 feet of wall space. This high intensity attraction has LED touch tiles that are similar to the technology we developed for Atomic RUSH, but in a completely different game environment and form factor. Players compete side-by-side to crush their color as fast as possible. The more colors crushed, the more points scored. Kids and adults love the excitement of playing with speed, color, and light all in one action-packed game.

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  • No Labor Costs – Color CRUSH has auto-attendant operation with the ability to accept tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems. This standard feature saves you thousands of dollars in labor costs.
  • Multiplayer – Color CRUSH is designed for up to 2 people to play at once and compete for the high score. In fact, the more people who play, the more fun it is! This means a higher throughput, more revenue, and faster ROI.
  • Repeat Play – Each player has 12 LED touch tiles and the game system has a random pattern generator. This means there are limitless combinations and no 2 games are ever the same. Plus, the game is redemption-ready and players can earn extra points by crushing the bonus color tiles.
  • No Breakable Buttons – Most other arcade games (and laser mazes) use plastic buttons; the same kind of buttons that were used on games in the 90’s. Why is this bad? Because they look cheap, and more importantly, they break. Our LED touch sensors are made with thick acrylic that doesn’t scratch, crack, or break. This means you can eliminate down-time caused by broken buttons.
  • Flexibility For Any Space – This attraction uses only 10 linear feet of wall. This compact form factor fits in just about any facility or arcade.

This is just a small sample of the benefits you’ll get with Color CRUSH. We’d love to chat with you more to learn about your goals and answer any questions you have. In fact, you can request a quote right now and we can begin the discovery conversation.

Color CRUSH Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for Color CRUSH? You only need 10′ of linear wall space for this attraction. It can easily fit into most arcades, regardless of layout.
  • Can Color CRUSH do redemption? Absolutely! All of our arcade-style attractions have the ability to do redemption because it gives a strong incentive for repeat play.
  • How much should I charge? This can vary based on your location and demographics, but the average cost per play is usually $1-$3.