The Arcade-Easy Unattended Real Sport VR Attraction

The FURY is an innovative, unattended attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active VR experiences in a small footprint. The FURY is designed to enable any FEC to attract casual players, sports fans, spectators, and VR enthusiasts to get in the game. Early play data is strong, supporting earnings potential of up to $10K/month and ROI in as few as 6 months.

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Unattended VR Sports

The FURY has a format to fit your arcade, with both Solo and Duo units available for amazing footprint-to-player size ratios. The FURY also features custom fully armored HTC Vive Pro headsets, high-performance VR processing, and large eye-catching digital displays for a premium spectator experience that’s sure to draw a crowd.

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Features & Benefits

  • Solo and Duo Units

  • Unattended

  • Small Footprint

  • ROI in as few as 6 months

  • High Replayability

  • Social Competition

  • Attract sports fans & casual players

  • Physically active

  • Built for competitions, tournaments, and events

Hoops Madness

The FURY debut title, “Hoops Madness”, is a competitive, two-player VR basketball game designed specifically for the LBE environment. “Hoops Madness” utilizes real-world physics to deliver an exciting and broadly appealing VR basketball experience with authentic shooting and ball-handling mechanics. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction or for competitive Esports, “Hoops Madness” challenges players to go head-to-head with friends to dominate the leaderboard.

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy is the second installment in the growing catalog of groundbreaking Real Sport VR Experiences for the FURY. Players of all ages and skill levels can live out their ultimate gridiron dreams of being a pro quarterback in this fun and exciting VR arcade game. The game dynamically scales based on player performance, so they will always feel like a champion with moments of achievement. Football Frenzy is intuitive and easy to play, and it takes skill to master, which will keep players challenged and motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for FURY?

    FURY is a compact arcade game that only requires 35 square feet for the Duo unit, and even less for the Solo unit.

  • How many games does FURY have?

    “Hoops Madness” and “Football Frenzy” are both currently available as the first titles in a growing line of VRstudios Real-Sport VR games.