World's First Unattended 2-Player VR Esports Attraction

The FURY is an innovative, unattended, 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active VR experiences in a small footprint. The FURY is designed to transform any FEC into a VR Esports destination encouraging casual players, sports fans, spectators, and VR enthusiasts to get in the game.

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“Hoops Madness” - VR Basketball

The FURY is bundled with its debut title, “Hoops Madness”, a competitive, two-player VR basketball game designed specifically for the LBE environment. “Hoops Madness” utilizes real-world physics to deliver an exciting and broadly appealing VR basketball experience with authentic shooting and ball-handling mechanics. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction or for competitive Esports, “Hoops Madness” challenges players to go head-to-head with friends to dominate the leaderboard.


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Features & Benefits

  • 2-Player

  • Unattended

  • High Replayability

  • Small Footprint

  • Fast ROI

  • Social Competition

  • Attract sports fans & casual players

  • Built for Esports competitions, tournaments, and events

  • Physically active

2-Player Unattended VR & only 35 sq ft

With an overall footprint of only 35 square feet, the FURY offers an unprecedented footprint-to-player ratio for an unattended VR attraction (17.5 sq ft per player). The FURY also features custom fully armored HTC Vive Pro headsets, high-performance VR processing, and two large eye-catching digital displays for a premium spectator experience that’s sure to draw a crowd.

Real-Sport Esports™ Playbook

VRstudios provides operators with tools for building localized, branded promotions and events, including the Real-Sport Esports™ Playbook – a how-to guide for developing an Esports program with new revenue streams including VR Esports competitions, tournaments, and events. The Playbook consists of use case examples, best practices, and a tiered approach to help operators quickly activate and realize the value of Real-Sport Esports™.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for FURY?

    FURY is a compact arcade game that only requires 35 square feet for the 2-player setup.

  • How many games does FURY have?

    “Hoops Madness” is the first game in a coming line of VRstudios Real-Sport Esports™ games.