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Esports are one of the fastest growing sports, with hundreds of millions of viewers and players around the world. Leverage the popularity of video game competitions to deliver amazing gaming experiences that every gamer dreams about: high-end computers and graphics cards, integrated competition software, custom desks with LED lighting, and a social setting to engage with friends.

This isn’t a LAN party from the early 2000’s, where you would find a dozen people crowded around a messy collection of gaming systems and tangled cables. Rather, your Game Up Esports attraction will be visually stunning; a centerpiece you want guests to see. Game Up Esports is the perfect attraction for gaming tournaments and group events, and it’s designed to engage spectators at your facility.

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  • Small Footprint – You only need 20 square feet per player to deliver this amazing gaming experience.
  • Exclusive Features – All character abilities, skins, and power-ups are unlocked on this platform to help you drive traffic.
  • Advanced Hardware – The robust server system can easily scale up to 200 players.
  • Limitless Game Titles – Your customers can browse a library filled with thousands of games.
  • Software – The GG Circuit software platform makes your life easy by handling the customer interface and pay-to-play time.
  • Local or International – Host local competitions or open it up for anyone in the world to participate.
  • No Manual Updates – The server and software automatically update all game patches that are released for the 2,000+ games.
  • Wide Appeal – Esports and gaming competitions are popular with kids, teens, and adults.
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    Esports are taking the world by storm, and represent a huge new frontier for out of home entertainment. This attraction is not for everyone. But with the right operation, the right customers, and the right markets, this can be a powerhouse. Let us help you evaluate if this cutting edge entertainment is the right fit for you.