A Multiplayer Flying and Racing Platform

A revolutionary, multiplayer, motion simulator game from the global leader in location-based VR. Following in the footsteps of the worldwide success of the Hologate Arena, Hologate Blitz is the next big thing in out-of-home virtual reality!

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Total Virtual Reality Immersion

Hologate Blitz brings movement, sound, haptics, wind and more for a totally new VR experience. By combining Hologate’s proven and exclusive game development with robust motion simulators, you get an unbelievable attraction! Its premium range of motion means Blitz can tilt +-30° in every direction for the coolest driving, flying, and piloted experiences. Try getting that at home!


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Features & Benefits

  • Premium Motion Simulator

  • Touch Screen Tech

  • Free Analytics

  • No Complex Training

  • Compact Design

  • Premium US-Based Support 7 Days/Week

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Proven Game Development

An Award-Winning VR Attraction in the Making

Make every motion feel real with Hologate Blitz. 2,4, or 8 players are transported into new worlds filled with futuristic racers, epic space battles, and fire breathing dragons. The open-air layout and video monitors draw spectators to take part in the action — every laugh, cringe, and grasp. It’s a total fantasy adventure!


Hologate Blitz debuted at IAAPA Expo 2019. Players had a blast trying out the revolutionary VR racer and we were able to get some initial reactions from participants.

Attractions Tower

Want more? Double your VR capacity in exactly the same amount of floor space with Attractions Tower! This eye-catching, steel structured centerpiece is perfect for facilities with high vertical clearance. The themed tower maximizes revenue per square foot. Install two Hologate Blitz’s or stack a Hologate Arena and a Hologate Blitz.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is actually included in the purchase of a Hologate Blitz?

    We deliver and install everything you need to be successful. That includes the fully themed truss system, high-end computer tech and hardware, HTC Vive Pro headsets and controllers, proprietary software, operation and marketing advice and more. Want add-ons such as branded carpeting, haptic vest set, or an enhanced lighting package? We have those, too.

  • How much space do I need for a Hologate Blitz?

    Hologate Blitz is designed to be compact and takes up less than 300 square feet. If you’re interested in the Hologate Tower, request a quote so we can learn more about your project and discuss height requirements in detail.

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