Lazer Frenzy Laser Maze

An Immersive Experience for Small Spaces

Introducing Lazer Frenzy Version 8.0, the most immersive and advanced experience yet! Just like in a spy movie, players are surrounded by a web of laser beams and have to navigate carefully to achieve a high score and complete their mission. 

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High Impact Interactive Arcade Game

Laser mazes combine the highly immersive environment of a laser tag arena with the quick throughput and functionality of an arcade game, making them perfect hybrid attractions for entertainment facilities. What makes Lazer Frenzy different? A lot. We used to be operators, so we built the entire attraction with you, the operator, in mind! In fact, it won the coveted IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product when it was launched in 2009.

How a Laser Maze Can Boost Your Bottom Line


“We're extremely excited that we added the Lazer Frenzy attraction to our facility. Our customers love it and we're excited to see the revenue stream it adds to our arcade.”

Brian Smith, Owner of Alley Cats

Full-Featured Laser Maze Attraction

Lazer Frenzy laser maze is a full-featured attraction with everything you need to be successful including auto attendant, entry facades, redemption, and advanced reporting. All of these features come standard with every installation, and we have a full-time support staff and rich knowledge base to help you get the most out of this attraction.

Check out this instructional video for Lazer frenzy to see its high impact and interactive features in action.

  • No Labor Costs

    Lazer Frenzy comes with auto-attendant operation and accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems, saving you thousands of dollars in labor costs.

  • 4 Games In 1

    4 different game types that guests can choose from increases repeat play: Spy, Team Spy, Beam Dodger, and Beam Breaker.

  • Multiplayer

    Multiplayer game mode increases throughput and excitement.

  • Flexibility for Any Space

    This attraction uses less than 160 square feet of space and can fit in just about any facility.

  • Redemption Jackpot

    Games are redemption capable and the jackpot builds with each play until a player earns the huge payout. Creates FOMO and increases repeat play.

  • Fastest ROI

    Typically return on investment in 6-8 months (dependent on price to play and hours of operation). We’ve had one client get his ROI in as little as 72 days!

  • No Breakable Buttons

    Our LED touch sensors are made with thick acrylic that doesn’t scratch, crack, or break. This means you can eliminate down-time caused by broken buttons.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Track revenue for each individual game type to understand which games are most popular, and learn which days/times generate the most plays.

  • Wide Appeal

    With multiple games and difficulty levels, it appeals to guests of all ages and abilities. And the new scoring calibration balances speed vs accuracy.

  • Modern Design

    The new design is more sleek and modern. The bright orange archway makes the game more attractive and helps grab attention in today’s bright arcades.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Lazer Frenzy a good fit for my arcade?

    Yes! And we have the numbers to prove it. This attraction can make the revenue of eight traditional arcade games but takes up the space of just four, making it a fantastic boost to your existing arcade.

  • Do I need an employee to run Lazer Frenzy?

    Nope! We designed this attraction to come standard with auto-attendant. This means it accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems.

  • Do I have to build a room for Lazer Frenzy?

    Some of our clients choose to build a room, but others can’t do any construction. In those cases, we have a prefabricated room enclosure for the attraction.

  • How much should I charge for Lazer Frenzy?

    This can vary based on your location, demographics, form of payment, and whether you have redemption. Facilities geared toward tourists will charge more than facilities focused on local birthday parties. But the average cost per play is usually $2-$5.

  • How long is a Lazer Frenzy game?

    The average is two minutes, but individual duration depends on the game mode and is fully adjustable.

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