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Introducing Lazer Frenzy Version 8.0, the most immersive and advanced experience yet.
Laser mazes are great mini attractions for entertainment facilities. They combine the highly immersive environment of a laser tag arena with the quick throughput of an arcade game. Players complete an objective while being surrounded by a web of laser beams. Just like in spy movies, they must navigate carefully to achieve a high score and complete their mission.

What makes Lazer Frenzy laser maze different? A lot, actually. We used to be operators, so we understand your pains and we know how an arcade-style attraction needs to work. We built the entire attraction with you, the operator, in mind. This is why Lazer Frenzy has been so successful for our clients. In fact, it won the coveted IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in 2009. Keep reading to learn what this means for you.

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Lazer Frenzy laser maze is a full-featured attraction with everything you need to be successful. Much like anti-lock brakes, power steering, and air conditioning are necessities for any car these days, features like auto attendant, entry facades, redemption, and score cards are necessary components to a laser maze experience. All of the features deliver amazing benefits to you:

  • No Labor Costs – Lazer Frenzy has auto-attendant operation with the ability to accept tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems. This standard feature saves you thousands of dollars in labor costs.
  • 4 Games In 1 – Lazer Frenzy has 4 different game types that guests can choose from: Spy, Team Spy, Beam Dodger, and Beam Breaker. These options make the game more fun for guests and increase repeat play.
  • Multiplayer – Lazer Frenzy has a game mode that allows a multiplayer experience which increases the throughput and excitement.
  • Repeat Play – In addition to the 4 game types, we include other features that encourage repeat play. Guests can choose from multiple difficulty levels in each game and the game is redemption-capable. In addition, you can easily move the lasers in the game room to completely reconfigure the layout. This keeps your guests coming back for more.
  • Fastest ROI – Our clients typically see their return on investment in 6-8 months. It can vary depending on how much you charge per game and how many hours you’re open each week. We’ve had a client get his ROI in as little as 72 days!
  • No Breakable Buttons – Most other arcade games (and laser mazes) use plastic buttons; the same kind of buttons that were used on games in the 90’s. Why is this bad? Because they look cheap, and more importantly, they break. Our LED touch sensors are made with thick acrylic that doesn’t scratch, crack, or break. This means you can eliminate down-time caused by broken buttons.
  • Wide Appeal – With 4 different games and multiple difficulty levels, Lazer Frenzy appeals to a wide audience. Guests of varying ages and abilities can all experience this interactive game, which means more revenue for you.
  • Flexibility For Any Space – This attraction uses less than 160 square feet of space and can fit in just about any facility. Depending on your specific needs, you can build the room for the attraction or use one of our prefabricated room enclosures.
  • Upgrades – Our team is constantly working on new game types to keep your attraction new and fresh. This keeps your guests interested and encourages repeat play.

This is just a small sample of the benefits you’ll see with Lazer Frenzy. We’d love to chat with you more to learn about your goals and answer any questions you have. In fact, you can request a quote right now and we can begin the discovery conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Lazer Frenzy a good fit for my arcade? Yes and we have the numbers to prove it. This attraction takes up the space of 4 arcades games but can make the revenue of 8. Lazer Frenzy isn’t meant to replace your arcade, but rather it’s a fantastic boost to your existing arcade.
  • Do I need an employee to run Lazer Frenzy? Nope! From the beginning, we designed this attraction to come standard with auto-attendant. This means it accepts tokens, bills, coins and/or swipe card systems. You never have to worry about paying for an employee to run it.
  • Do I build the room for the Lazer Frenzy? You can, but you don’t have to. Some of our clients build the room, but others aren’t able to do any construction. In those cases, we have a pre-fabricated room enclosure for the attraction. You can go either route, depending on your needs.
  • How much should I charge? This can vary based on your location, demographics, form of payment, and whether or not you have redemption. Facilities geared toward tourists will charge more than facilities focused on local birthday parties. But the average cost per play is usually $2-$5.
  • How long does a Lazer Frenzy game last? The game duration depends on the game mode but it’s usually about two minutes long. The game time is also adjustable.

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