Limitless VR

Laser Tag VR with Endless Possibilities

Enhance your laser tag attraction with a ground-breaking VR experience. This free roam VR product has the capacity, throughput, and gameplay to generate huge revenue. Plus, you can change the theme with a click of a button. Don’t settle for less when you can go Limitless!

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High Capacity VR and Big Revenue

Operators have been wondering what the next generation of laser tag will look like – the answer is Limitless VR. With the high capacity of up to 30+ players (16 at launch), you can easily churn through birthday parties, group events, walk-ins, or any other type of customer. Limitless VR is installed in your existing laser tag arena to give you an additional attraction without any additional space allocation – 2 attractions in 1 space!

See Exactly How Much Revenue Limitless VR Can Generate For You


Feature & Benefits

  • Highest VR Capacity on the Market

  • No Extra Space Required

  • Fast ROI

  • High Throughput

  • 2 Attractions in 1 Space

  • Social Competition

  • High Replayability

  • Multiple Themes

  • Premium US-Based Support 7 Days/Week

Merge the Virtual and the Physical

Free roam VR gives you the ability to walk around a space untethered. But all other options are simply in an empty room. There’s no bridge between the virtual and authentic worlds. Limitless VR is mapped in your existing laser tag arena. When you see and touch a wall in the virtual space, you feel the wall in the real world. This merging of virtual and authentic worlds is a game-changer you MUST experience for yourself.

No Disruptions to your Operations

Limitless VR experiences are designed to slot into your current laser tag operations, with a 15 minute experience that includes briefing, vesting, game play, and de-vesting. Perhaps you want to alternate back and forth between laser tag and Limitless games. Or maybe you want to run laser tag during the day, and then Limitless for an older crowd in the evenings. This flexibility lets you maximize revenue and get the most out of both attractions.


Anchor Attraction

Like traditional laser tag, Limitless VR is an anchor attraction to drive traffic to your venue. Guests will love the game mechanics, social atmosphere, and VR immersion they can’t get at home. You can charge a price point that’s higher than laser tag without losing any of the throughput of laser tag. Recommended pricing ranges from $12-$20 for a 15 minute game session.

Limitless VR includes 6 game avatars

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Limitless VR replace my laser tag?

    Limitless VR is not a replacement for laser tag. It’s a complementary attraction that gets installed in the same space as your laser tag and helps reach a new audience and boost your revenue.

  • How do you get 2 attractions in the same space?

    All of your walls, props, and barriers are mapped in the virtual world so players can safely maneuver through the arena while wearing a headset.

  • How many themes do you have?

    Limitless VR is launching with 3 virtual themes that can be changed with the tap of a screen, keeping the experience fresh for your guests!

  • Can I get Limitless VR if I don’t have laser tag?

    We highly recommend you add Limitless to a new or existing laser tag arena. However, if you only want this VR experience and not traditional laser tag, we do provide a package where you can install this (along with various props and barriers) in a dedicated attraction space.

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