Survey Reveals: Operators Want More Football Arcade Games

When you look at most arcades in location-based entertainment venues, you tend to find a basketball game. And very often, you’ll find multiple basketball games.

But you’ll also notice that other sports seem to be lacking.

So our team created a survey to better understand the needs of arcade operators, and the results are quite interesting!

Current Arcade Mix

First, our intuition about basketball games was correct. More than half of the respondents said they operate 2-3 basketball games in their arcade, and less than 7% operate zero basketball games.

Responses to this question: How many basketball games do you have in your arcade?

We also discovered that almost 80% of operators have zero football games. This means basketball significantly outweighs football in the current state of the marketplace.

Desired Arcade Games

This is where the data gets really interesting. First, we asked what sports are missing or lacking in the current options on the marketplace (they could select multiple options). Football was the number one sport missing with half of respondents choosing this sport.

Responses to this question: What sports are missing/lacking in the current options on the arcade marketplace?

We also discovered that 68% of operators are “very interested” or “somewhat interested” in a fun, active football arcade game. For these operators who responded positively to a football arcade game, we asked a more specific question: what is your interest level in a multi-sport, unattended VR arcade unit that includes a fun, active football game?

The numbers speak for themselves: 75% said they would be “very interested” or “somewhat interested.”

FURY VR Is The Solution

From this data, we know that football is lacking in the arcade marketplace. And we know it’s a sport that more operators want. This is great news, because FURY VR is the solution!

FURY is an unattended, 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active VR experiences in a small footprint. And we’re happy to announce the newest game on this platform: Football Frenzy.

Football Frenzy invites players of all ages and skill levels to live out their ultimate gridiron dreams of being a pro quarterback in this fun and exciting VR arcade game. Throwing a real football can be difficult (especially inside an FEC) and intimidating for players, but Football Frenzy eliminates those obstacles with throwing mechanics in VR that feel rich and satisfying.

Football Frenzy makes any player feel like a star as they experience the thrill of being in a football stadium underneath the bright lights with the crowd cheering them on as they march down the field. All without ever leaving the arcade and no physical ball!

If you’re ready to offer amazing VR sports experiences in your arcade, order FURY today!

Survey Methods

This was an anonymous survey sent to existing operators in the location-based entertainment industry. The data was collected from 65 total respondents who completed the survey.