Top 5 Reasons FURY is “Arcade Easy VR”

VR doesn’t need to be hard to operate for location staff or difficult for guests to jump in and play. The FURY is an innovative, unattended, 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active VR experiences in a small footprint. We call it “arcade easy” because in many ways it is more like the tried and true arcade video game cabinets than the larger-scale virtual reality attractions.

1. Unattended: No Labor Required

Other larger-scale VR attractions require an attendant, which can be difficult during these under-staffed times. The FURY is fully automated, so no staff attendant is required. The FURY lowers the headset for the player and on-screen onboarding is easy. They just pay, put on the headset, read a few instructions, and they are playing.

2. Small Footprint & Multiplayer

The FURY has 2 player positions in a tiny 32-square-foot form factor. To put that in perspective, that makes it smaller than popular and hot arcades such as:

  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Star Wars Battle Pods
  • Halo Fireteam Raven
  • Time Crisis 5
  • Dance Dance Revolution

3. Rugged Design Built for Arcades

The FURY has rugged headsets and controllers, armored for use in arcades. This unit boasts battle-tested, high-performance industrial design from VRsenal, and their previous 1-player cabinet is in nearly 500 amusement locations.

4. Short Fun Games With Fast Throughput

The FURY VR experience is more like playing an arcade game than a premium, longer form VR game in an arena. And this arcade experience doesn’t come with the premium price per play that many VR arenas command. The Hoops Madness games take 3-5 minutes and operators can charge in the range of $3 to $7 for a lucrative attraction that hits solid play and revenue numbers quickly.

5. VR Sports Attracts a Wide Audience

There’s more to VR games and experiences than zombie wave shooters (even though we acknowledge that shooting the undead in virtual reality is fun!). The FURY comes loaded with Hoops Madness, a VR basketball experience that’s like an immersive evolution of basketball shooting arcade classics and popular newcomers.

In addition to avid arcade players, the FURY can attract sports fans and spectators who might never otherwise try VR or even play arcade games. And, because it’s easy and fun, the FURY is also a perfect invitation for everyone from casual players to VR enthusiasts, to shoot some hoops in VR.

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