We’re Helping You Level Up: IAAPA Recap 2019

IAAPA Expo 2019 allowed us to show the many ways we are helping operators Level Up their customer experience. At the event, we exhibited our largest booth ever, networked with thousands of attendees, and debuted three brand new game-changing products. In this blog, we will recap IAAPA and break down the ways we’re helping you Level Up and beat your competition in 2020.

IAAPA Expo Booth

New Revolutionary Attractions

This year, we debuted three new attractions: Hologate Blitz, Hologate Tower and Lucky Putt golf. All three attractions were extremely popular and received raving reviews from Expo attendees.

“The new attractions we brought to IAAPA this year are the epitome of leveling up. What makes this 2020 so unique is the fact that people now know that we are the place to come to for solutions beyond just the attraction itself, but how to engage the guests on a whole different level,” says our VP of Sales, Russ Van Natta.

“The new attractions we brought to IAAPA this year are the epitome of leveling up.”

Hologate Blitz
Following in the successful footsteps of the award-winning Hologate Arena, we were able to team up with Hologate to bring their new product, Hologate Blitz, to our booth. The recently announced Blitz is a motion simulator platform that represents the gateway to a new virtual reality experience. Players strap up in a futuristic racing machine that moves ±30° in every direction and has fans that blow wind in your face as you’re whipping around the track. The belt-driven engineering of the motion simulator means this attraction is highly durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is much quieter than pneumatic options.

Many attendees got to experience the new Blitz racing game called Hyper GP, including former NFL wide receiver Jason Avant (shown below).

Jason Avant
Hologate Tower
Another new attraction from Hologate this year was Hologate Tower. The Hologate Tower is a steel structure that stacks a Hologate Arena on top of another Hologate Arena or Hologate Blitz. The unique structure allows you to double your capacity and throughput without doubling your floor space. It’s an eye-catching centerpiece that maximizes ROI and revenue-per-square-foot while keeping a small footprint.

Hologate Tower

Lucky Putt Golf
Our newest attraction, Lucky Putt Golf, is best described as a gamified mini golf experience. The attraction is geared towards Millennials and adults as a technology-driven, super-sized experience.

Lucky Putt Golf

Van Natta explains that Lucky Putt is designed for “people that are looking for that experience and socialization which is so lost these days in the digital world.”

Lucky Putt is a fundamentally social experience where players receive points at each challenge and compete for the highest score. Scores are automated so players no longer have to use pencil and paper to track every hole, allowing players to focus more on social interaction and enjoying their time with friends.

Our friends at In The Loop Podcast stopped by our booth to try out Lucky Putt and give their thoughts on the experience:

Other Attractions

In addition to our new attractions, we also brought back some crowd favorites from the past. Game Up Esports, with ggCircuit, HP Omen and Secret Lab, has always been a popular stop for IAAPA attendees, especially the younger crowd. This year, we had a Fortnite challenge where we gave out gift cards to whoever scored the most points each day.

Game Up Esports

In addition to our existing Infinite Escape room themes, we also debuted two new themes this year: Cell Block E and Medieval. In Cell Block E, prisoners must outsmart a corrupt and evil warden before time runs out.

Cell Block E Escape Room

In Medieval, players embark on a quest for the source of immortality, the Holy Grail, and must escape quickly once they find it.

Medieval Escape Room

Evening Fun

In addition to the trade floor, our team was able to enjoy some social time in more relaxed settings with clients, attendees and partners. Our partners at Hologate threw a fantastic party at Lafayette’s that featured hours of food, drinks, music and conversation.

Hologate Party

Additionally, we teamed up with our friends at Betson and Delta Strike to throw the Winner’s Circle Party at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. Attendees had a blast catching up with friends, playing Hologate Arena and Hologate Blitz and enjoying drinks and food after a long day on the show floor.

Winner's Circle Party

IAAPA 2019 was a blast and we want to thank everyone who had a chance to visit our booth, talk with our team, and try out our new attractions. We can’t wait to be back in 2020!

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